What is Symbophonics?

English as it is written is very complex, inconsistent with exceptions to almost every rule claimed. Many children are failed by this system and illiteracy rates and functional illiteracy rates are high in English speaking countries.

In short, Symbophonics is an in-text phonetic system that completely decodes English text.

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Why Symbophonics?

English has 26 letters but around 46 phonemes or basic sounds (depending on the accent) and some of these phonemes can be represented in  many different ways.

Did you know the most common phoneme in English is called a ‘schwa’?

And there are over 40 ways it can be represented in English writing?

With simple, easy to learn, mnemonic symbols, Symbophonics decodes the text to enable the learner to read without having to do the guesswork which so many find confusing and frustrating.

Accordion Content
‘a’ in about
‘i’ in family
‘u’ in bonus
‘ar’ in dollar
‘ir’ in confirmation
‘e’ in open
‘o’ in carrot
‘e’ in open
‘or’ in actor
‘ah’ in cheetah
‘ur’ in augur
‘ar’ in dollar
‘ure’ in future
‘our’ in odour
‘ai’ in bargain
‘or’ in for
‘aw’ in jaw
‘au’ in author
‘a’ in water
‘ir’ in dinosaur
‘our’ in four
‘ure’ in sure
‘awe’ in awe
‘al’ in walk
‘ah’ in naughty
‘oor’ in door
‘oar’ in soar
‘ar’ in war
‘ore’ in explore
‘ough’ in bought

What are the benefits of Symbophonics?

  • provides a complete, in-text phonetic decoding/decryption of English.
  • facilitates the learning process by mnemonic, consistency and logic.
  • reduces the amount of teacher/parent intervention required
  • will enable early readers to tackle more difficult and interesting texts
  • assists with word pronunciation when looking up new words in dictionaries, glossaries etc.
  • will increase literacy rates towards European levels.
  • will reduce the average time taken to learn to read to near European levels.
  • avoids the need for complex and expensive phonics teaching system
  • will enable early readers to tackle more difficult and interesting texts
  • will assist in learning to read foreign languages for which it is being extended

How can I find out more about Symbophonics?

To learn more about how the system works

To read about the Symbophonics Apps we have available

See Symbophonics decode a well known poem

Check out the songs and sneak preview of an app

And of course...

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